Who are mainly involved in producing each news report?

This is a new challenge undertaken by three parties: one group writes content in Japanese as major news sources, another group translates the content into English, and the third group serves as editors. These three groups are located at distant places, and come from different sectors. They are: 

a. Disaster relief and response NPOs and projects in Japan: 

1) Rescue Stock Yard (RSY) based in Nagoya, Aichi, 

2) the NVNAD based in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, and 

3) the Nippon Foundation ROAD Project, Tokyo.

b. The Special Task Force of Global ToyonakaTranslation Club, with a cooperation of  TIFA, an international exchange and communication support NPO based in Toyonaka, Osaka

c. The Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM Society) who has its secretarial base in Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

In addition to these three parties, we also depend on an additional fourth party, who is YOU and other anonymous audiences around the world. This is, therefore, a kind of social innovation to test for at least a year. We wish to see if such a trilateral remote collaboration may eventually tap the undercurrent of global movements expected to promote the formation of synergistic linkages between people in the disaster fields and outsiders who live remote to the disaster region but wish to reach insiders to provide meaningful support. It is also a challenge to mobilize talents and resources owned by each party in the spirit of goodwill towards each other. It enables all concerned to become more communicative and imaginative in order to help those who suffer remotely as though they were our own neighbors. Thus we all learn from the disaster as our own. For this purpose “Voices from the Field ” have to be made reachable to the global community including YOU.

VfF Logo

Our logo is an image of a bird.
The bird carries voices from the field.
The "V" is its body, the "F"-its wings represents "I'm fine", "frustrated", "fearful", "fighting"...
These are many voices of people who are suffering.
Our logo symbolizes us.
We are the bird who carries those voices to all over the world.

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