RSY vol.10 Bokke soup festival is coming soon!
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Shichigahama( Miyagi Prefecture) Report Vol. 50 November 10, 2011

Bokke soup festival is coming soon!

There are many fishermen in Shichigahama. Mr. S is a third generation fisherman who mainly dives to harvest sea urchin, abalone, and so on.

During periods when harvesting of sea urchin and abalone is banned to prevent overexploitation, he uses other methods like gillnetting or fishes for conger eel. He fishes all the year round, using various fishing methods to suit each season.

His fishing boat was seriously damaged by the tsunami. His fishing gear and the shed he had used as workplace were also washed away. Despite such hardship, he has been preparing to restart fishing step by step – salvaging usable fishing gear from underwater and purchasing new fishing gear which may put him in debt. His actions are underpinned by a strong determination: “Shichigahama has always been a fishing town so we, the fishermen, must make an effort to recover our town.”

His long-awaited new fishing boat was launched on Oct 28th, 2011.


These days he goes fishing everyday in this new boat hoping for a large catch of bokke, a kind of fish that Shichigahama is known for. While there were only 1 or 2 sheds operating at the port at the time of his boat’s launching ceremony, now there are 5 to 6 sheds. The fishing port is gradually regaining its vitality.



Mr. S. proposed to host an event to prepare and serve a local dish, bokke soup, which also contains a lot of vegetables. He said, “I’d like to serve bokke to the volunteers who have helped us as well as to the local people, and I’d like them to know that the fishermen also do their best for recovery. I want everybody to smile and be energized by eating bokke. I believe this is my way of returning the favor.”

It was decided that the “Bokke” festival will be held on November 12, set for lunch time, in front of Kizunakan volunteer center. Bokke soup will be served as the main dish along with fresh crab, etc. We will ask the RSY volunteers, who will arrive on Nov. 12 -13 by volunteer transport bus, to help this event.

We are also planning to serve bokke soup at a meeting which will be held at RSY Nagoya office on Nov. 19th, 2011, asking Mr. S to catch and send bokke to Nagoya. In addition, we plan to have a spot sale of slices of fresh bokke. To the volunteers who went to Shichigahama by volunteer transport bus but didn’t have a chance to eat bokke because it was out of season at the time – please join this event! And please feel the local fishermen’s spirits!

We ask you all for your continued support for the tireless Shichigahama fishermen.

Reported by Ai Urano, Rescue Stock Yard

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Re: RSY vol.10 Bokke soup festival is coming soon!
by el joma - Thursday, 24 May 2012, 10:19 PM
Hi Urano san, great report! It is a truly inspiring story.
May I join RSY group going to Shichigahama on November 12?
I haven't had the opportunity yet to help out in any way I can in the recovery efforts.