“Registered Monitors” are welcome!

We welcome some of you to volunteer as a Registered Monitor (RM). To become an RM is very simple and the job of an RM is not much.

1.To register as a member of the RM list: The RM list requires your full name, nationality, and contact email address. (If you agree, some other information such as gender, profession and/or interest.) The RM list is maintained by the Secretariat of the Voices from the Field |Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (Voice-from-Field-JET) and not made open to other RMs, unless you agree to do so.

2. As an RM, you are encouraged to raise any questions or clarifications related to translations, cultural backgrounds, related activities not mentioned or not well explained, etc. Moreover, offers to voluntary re-edit works in English, and other such tasks, are certainly very much welcome. 

3. Our Voice-from-Field-JET staff will contact you about every month to solicit any questions, suggestions or advice to improve our service. Of course, your reply is totally based on your will to do so.

4. You are kindly requested to help us disseminate reports to others who are not aware of this service.

Welcome YOU aboard our Voice-from-Field-JET!

If you have any questions about this,please e-mail.


!To the Registered Monitor: Please change your password soon after you receive an e-mail from the administrator at the login corner in the Article Page.

Last modified: Wednesday, 6 July 2011, 08:08 AM