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Re: RSY vol.9 -Connecting Shichigahama and Kiho (First Part)
by Sharon Corologos - Thursday, 17 May 2012, 12:56 AM
As I am reading this latest Voices article, I'm also listening to public radio here in the US.... all about politics and public policy. We, in America, are so caught up in our own little news-filled world. When we hear international news, it's too easy for us to tuck it away in the far places of our minds. It becomes news in the abstract. In our minds we say, "too bad; so sorry." and we move on.

Now I read this wonderful article and I see a human face to this news. How real and current is the plight of Kiho; how personal is the pain. And again, how wonderful is the Japanese spirit. Voices from the Field opens up my mind and allows me a broader understanding of my own place (and my country's place) in the world.

Thanks, Voices!