RSY vol.7 - Magokoro (Heartsome) Nameplates for the temporary Housing Units (Part 2)
by Voices from the Field Admin - Saturday, 3 December 2011, 08:09 AM

 On May 15th we had the second day of the workshop for making Magokoro name plates. About 30 volunteers, from within and outside Shichigahama joined the workshop. Students of the local Koyo Junior- High School played a central role. Our goal for this two-day workshop was to create 115 nameplates and we still had about 40 to finish. At the end of the day we finally achieved the target with the additional help of the volunteers from Sendai and from as far away as Akita Prefecture, which is located north west of Miyagi Prefecture.
 A woman from Shichigahama , who took part in the workshop with her daughters in elementary and junior-highschool, reflected on the workshop, and said,” The damage my family suffered was comparatively small, so I’ve long wanted to do something for our town but I didn’t know what to do. Today’s experience showed me that there is something we can do, even if it’s small. I’d like to talk to other mothers around me and consider what more we can do.
 The junior-high students also made comments on the workshop. ,”I’m very glad to be of someone’s help by making nameplates. I blessed the nameplates with a lot of good wishes hoping my thoughts will reach someone. I want to continue doing a lot of volunteer work.” “It required much effort for me to make each nameplate with my whole heart. But my heart got filled with warmth while doing this work. I’m willing to undertake any work to help others in the future.”
Thus, every nameplate was made with a lot of people’s hands and their warm hearts and thoughts, magokoro. Some evacuees came to see our work. They beamed and said, “Good job! I’m looking forward to seeing mine.
 We will deliver the nameplates to the residents in the temporary housing units around May 28th with the students who participated in the workshop. We have two more workshops planned for June 5-6 and June 25-26. Furthermore, Koyo Junior High School is incorporating this activity into their Integrated Study program, so that their 7th grade students will make the remaining nameplates.

Reported by Ai Urano, Rescue Stock Yard (RSY,based in Nagoya) from Shichigahama