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Re: RSY vol.4 - More on “TA-BE-SA-IN!” project
by editor group - Friday, 16 September 2011, 04:29 PM

Dear Sharon,

My apologies for failing to follow up your very important inquiry.

>>>1. Can I provide the Tabesain story to our Asian Studies group at the University of Vermont through our electronic newsletter?

⇒Since this report is accessible through interent by anone in the world, you may feel free to quote it or introduce it

as it is. Only one request from us is that please mention the source of this information by referring to our website.

If you have any feeback from the audience of your electric newesletter.

<<<2. I suggest a descriptive tour of Kokusaimura Hall. I wonder how the space is divided to give family units some privacy. How are communal spaces shared? I wonder how one typical family or couple are settling in there. How are jobs shared? How are people spending their time?.... playing cards?.... watching TV?..... involved in arts or crafts? ⇒These questions I find very refreshing and significant need to be addressed and illustrated.    However persons who may answer best (and as only one) are unfortunately extremely tied up with disasters in the eastern part now also in the western part of Japan.

Hopefully someone of us can get back to you with more illustrative information in the near future. 

Thank you for your continued interest and encouragement.

Norio Okada