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SPECIAL vol.31 Suspect that a tsunami comes without fail after a big quake
by vff admin - Sunday, 26 June 2016, 10:19 AM
Suspect that a tsunami comes without fail after a big quake

After the quake I repeatedly heard early warnings over the radio about a ten-meter high tsunami. However I doubted if a tsunami would actually reach us. While I was getting some things out of the house in preparation to evacuate, my wife screamed,” There’s no water in the sea!” When we looked at the sea before us, the beach was expanding because of strong ebbing tides and some ships were tilting to the side. Then suddenly, I heard an extraordinary rumble as if hundreds of fighter jets were flying at us, and I could see a black wall approaching a nearby light house.
I yelled, “A tsunami is coming! Run away!” and began running to higher ground at full speed. The surface of the sea was surging and swirling as it swallowed houses and various kinds of debris. It built up like a wall and came winding up the slopes. A person who saw the sight said, “It looks like a giant boa swimming in the sea”. I was so frightened that I could not stop my legs from trembling.
The moment the wall of water hit the ground where we had evacuated, it struck so fiercely with a rumbling sound that I felt as if my body would be blown away. I thought that staying there was no good and moved to an elementary school situated at an even higher level. Fortunately all our family members were safe but I will never, ever forget that scene.

Written by Naoya Suzuki (40years old)
Address at the time of the disaster: Shobu-ta-hama district
Current address: Emergency Temporary Housing at Minatohama