Let me hear your voice!
by Voices from the Field Admin - Tuesday, 22 September 2015, 02:56 AM
Hello, Registered Monitors for "Voices from the Field".

I am Yoko Matsuda, who is a member of the Team VfF. Here I have some questions to ask you for my research. Your warm cooperation and discussion is very welcome.

My question is about translated words in VfF's articles. As you know, we have translated the field notes or real voices collected at the site of Japan's Great East Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. We sometimes have a difficulty in translating because we cannot find an appropriate word in English, or even a corresponding concept in the western culture.

Below I picked up three words. Could you give me your thoughts to my question by replying to this forum ("reply" button the right below), or send me an email to ymatsuda(at)kwansei.ac.jp 

Thank you, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


"community facilitator"
-- I became a community facilitator in the temporary housing, ...
Source: SPECIAL vol.16 Conversations will uplift your spirit Set a goal and positively overcome your challenges  1st paragraph.

Q1: What kind of work or role do you recall from the phrase "community facilitator in temporary housing" in the article?

"social welfare worker"
--  I always told a social welfare worker and my neighbors that my daughter was disabled, ...
Source: SPECIAL vol.14 Participation in disaster drills enabled my family members to take proper refuge action in the earthquake  2nd paragraph.

Q2: What kind of work or role do you recall from the word "social welfare worker" in the article? Do you think the person is paid or volunteer?

"evacuation shelter"
-- nearly 80 to 90 victims stayed at the evacuation shelter at the Yoshidahama Branch Office, ...
Source: SPECIAL vol.15 Smooth running of an evacuation shelter depends on support of local residents 

Q3: What kind of a building and space do you recall from the expression of "evacuation shelter" here? Do you think it's private rooms or a large shared room?